In California family law courts, the courts hold the power to change any order even after the final judgment. These changes are known as “Modifications”. There are many parts of the order that a California Family Court can change. One area where the California Family Courts can modify the order is when it comes to spousal support.

There are instances however, where even the court is unable to modify a judgement.

For instance, if there is a written agreement between the parties not to modify specific parts of the court order or if the parties orally agree in court not to make changes to the order.

Child support is one area where the court can make modifications at any time. A party must have good cause though to request the court for a modification to the amount that is to be paid for child support.

For example, if one or both parties become unemployed, the court has the power to retroactively modify the order to the time that the job was lost.

California Family Courts place the burden of proof on the party requesting the modification to the order. It is important for the person making the request to Family Court to gather sufficient evidence and/ or documentation to show that a modification to the order is appropriate.

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